How-to: Unblock and Download Youtube Videos in Pakistan

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YouTube’s been blocked in Pakistan for about three months now; The government officials say that the ban may be lifted in 2 -3 weeks. Right now, most of the proxy websites are either blocked or not working correctly.

In order to supplement your YouTube hunger, I’ve found an easy way to download and play YouTube videos right through your browser and the good thing is that this technique works in all countries without any software :-).

1. Playing YouTube Videos:

As I said before that most of the proxy sites are not working properly in Pakistan. Therefore, you can use the following proxy sites to play YouTube videos:

  • Video Proxy:
  • Unblock Youtube:

Here is a complete list of fast compatible proxies: Latest Video-Compatible Proxies to Unblock YouTube in Pakistan

2. Downloading YouTube Videos:

You might have already guessed (and checked) that YouTube downloaders wouldn’t run when YouTube is blocked :-(  but I have found a useful and interesting way to download YouTube videos. Just follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Select the Video Converter application (to avi, mp4 ….)
  • Paste the URL of the YouTube video.
  • Choose your desired video format.
  • Cool! The video’s all yours now. Just click the Download (Save as) button to catch it.

Update: Now you can download youtube videos using This site will allow you to select  your favorite video formats and quality!

Happy Streaming!

UPDATE 13/04/14

I have now written an all-in-one post to unblock & download YouTube videos, new compatible proxies, YouTube alternatives and much more! Visit here: How to Unblock & Download YouTube Videos in Pakistan – 2014 (Updated)

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Sharing is Caring...Share on Google+4Share on Facebook55Tweet about this on Twitter1Email this to someoneShare on Reddit0Print this page
  • Ali

    video is not downloading …………????

    • Asif

      Unblock all pop-ups while downloading

  • azeem

    thaks boss nyc job love u

  • Ummi

    Nahi chalani chaye….

  • Fjb

    Can we do this on an ipad 3??

    • Asif Nafees

      Yes, I guess so

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  • Ali

    Nice one dear. Its working great :)

  • محمد نوید ظفر

    how to select video definition in it??

    • Asif Nafees

      Well, you can’t. You can just select the format you like

  • Faizan Munir Khan Rajput

    Thanks it’s working but how to select video quality in it?

  • Arsalan

    i cant ????

  • zara

    how can i find url of the video

    • Asif Nafees

      The Url’s displayed on top of the proxy page. Alternatively, you can get it by searching the video on Google

  • nazeerfauji

    When I paste URL, a msg showing “connecting to server” for a long time.
    And later on a msg “Not connected to server” appeared. I am using
    internet through Nokia PC Suite, Plz inform me why it is not download.

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  • Hayat Siddique

    Great sharing. Its work properly.

  • faheem

    thank for this great post,now i can start learning again by using the mention method.thanks again .God Bless you

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    I USED [link removed]

  • Adnan

    this is best site ever one of my fav wallahi mashallah thank u:)

  • shaima

    its taking very long time..

    • Asif Nafees

      Duh! you won’t get full speed while using a proxy

  • shaima

    its been 15 min n didnt opened yetttttttttt

    • Asif Nafees

      Maybe it’s due to huge traffic – try using another proxy.

  • Alina

    Okay! its downloading… Lets wait and see if it works!
    If it does then u r a genius

  • ali

    Best is open our own pakistani video sharing site all youtube videos you can play.

    • ali khan

      i have face a problem

  • ali khan

    how can i remove suraf safty

  • Hassan

    online video converter thing works perfectly in order to download any format video from youtube. Bunch of thanks Asif

    • Asif

      Glad it helped!

  • Brian Cooper

    As an alternate method to try you can use the torch browser to both unblock any site and download youtube videos.

  • Jawad Baaghii

    will there be any procedure to download videos from youtube directly without converting them…

  • Abdul Basit

    Thanks Dude its very helpful. Gr8 work :)

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  • waqas

    yes! great work

  • saima naz

    use this site to unblock youtube.

  • saima naz

    use this site to any blocked sites .

  • Nida Ali

    I also found a website for unblock all kinds of website.

  • iraj

    its not working connection error arha hai

    • Asif Nafees

      It’s working perfect. Retry after some time

  • kami

    nice sharing.

  • imtiaz bangash

    i will try certainly to accesse for downloading of my program .i am sure that you are offer will help me alot for which pl. eccept my best wishes .

  • Tahir Mengal

    My God finally i found s/th that actually works. Thank you soooooooo much that’s been a gr8 help.

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  • ali

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    damn where is video convertor application in website

  • A.b

    It Download Only 250 mb videos

  • Raqeeb

    I found a really simple way for unblock YouTube without even third-party proxy site, here:

    I found it interesting and I hope you will love writing an article about the same topic over at GeekPakistan. Thank you for good information.

  • usman tariq
  • iiiiiiiiii

    what is url i dont know

  • Faisal Sharif

    just visit download and watch YOUTUBE videos

  • salman pe visit karo youtube k liye vpn ki zaroorat nahi hai