Download I9082XXUBMF2 Android 4.2.2 Firmware for Samsung Galaxy Grand DUOS

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An unofficial test build of I9082XXUBMF2 Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Firmware for Samsung Galaxy Grand DUOS GT-I9082 has been leaked online by SamMobile and is available for download now. Samsung seems to be working pretty hard in making Android 4.2 available for older and mid-range devices, you can expect the official Android 4.2.2 firmware for Grand DUOS,  Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 to arrive this quarter. Android+4.2.2+for+Grand+DUOS

This Android 4.2.2 firmware adds several new features like Smart Stay, Page Buddy, Day Dream, a transparent notification bar, and other UI enhancements. You’ll also notice that Android 4.2.2 gives better performance and improved battery life.

Download Link

Click here (800MB) to download I9082XXUBMF2 for Samsung Galaxy Grand DUOS GT-I9082.

How to Flash

  • First of all, backup all your apps and personal data like contacts via Super Backup or Titanium Backup (this app requires root access). This step is extremely important because you might have to wipe out all your data while flashing your phone.
  • Download and install all the necessary drivers for your phone through KIES.
  • Now unzip the package you’ve just downloaded. It’ll produce the following files: 1. CODE_I9082XXUBMF2_871997_REV05_user_mid_noship.tar.md5 2. CSC_OXA_I9082OXABMF2_871997_REV05_user_mid_noship.tar.md5 3. MODEM_I9082XXUBMF2_REV05.tar.md5 4. baffin.pit
  • Open Odin 3.07 and restart your phone while holding Home + Power + Volume Down buttons to get into download mode.
  • Connect your phone to the computer and wait until Odin gives a Blue signal and “added!” message.
  • Click PDA and import CODE_I9082XXUBMF2_871997_REV05_user_mid_noship.tar.md5 file.
  • Add CSC_OXA_I9082OXABMF2_871997_REV05_user_mid_noship.tar.md5 file to CSC, and MODEM_I9082XXUBMF2_REV05.tar.md5 file to MODEM the same way.
  • Lastly, add baffin.pit to PIT
  • Tick the Re-Partition option and start the Flashing process. This might take a few minutes.
  • Once the flash is done, the phone will reboot. Well, you’ve successfully installed Android 4.2.2 on your Grand DUOS, Enjoy!

If you get Stuck…

  • I believe you backed up all your apps and data in the beginning – If not, you’re doomed!
  • In case your device runs into problems during the process, re-insert the battery and boot into recovery mode by holding Power + Home + Volume Up buttons.
  • Factory Reset your phone (this will erase entire data on your device).
  • Now reboot your device and it should start normally.

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial test Firmware which is not recommended for anyone except power users who can handle different errors easily. The flashing process should go real smooth as long as you stick close to the procedure. We hold no responsibility if you blow up or brick your device or lose all your precious data. You have been warned! ;-)


Thanks SamMobile for leaking the firmware.

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Sharing is Caring...Share on Google+1Share on Facebook5Tweet about this on Twitter0Email this to someoneShare on Reddit0Print this page
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