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How to Unblock & Download YouTube Videos in Pakistan – 2014 (Updated)

It’s been over a year now since YouTube was blocked in Pakistan for the first time, and there’s still no info on exactly when our government is going to lift the ban.

Unblock YouTube in Pakistan

Although I’ve already written a tutorial on unblocking and downloading YouTube videos before, but in this article I shall try to sum up everything regarding the new ways to unblock YouTube in Pakistan, downloading blocked YouTube videos, new video-compatible proxies, best YouTube alternatives for Pakistan, and much more! Continue reading

Download WhatsApp Messenger for Symbian 2.11.398 (Direct Link)

WhatsApp Messenger for Symbian 2.11.398 update has officially been released by WhatsApp Inc. for Nokia’s Symbian devices and can be downloaded via the direct link given below.

WhatsApp for Symbian

As you already know, Nokia has officially ended its support for Symbian phones, so you won’t be able to get this update from the Nokia App Store. You can download this update from WhatsApp’s website or via the direct link (it also points towards WhatsApp servers) below. Continue reading

Latest Video-Compatible Proxies to Unblock YouTube in Pakistan

Well, I just wanted to update you with the latest video-compatible proxy sites to help you unblock YouTube videos in Pakistan with full speed. This list of latest proxy sites is associated with the previously posted guide on How to Unblock and Download Youtube Videos in Pakistan, so be sure to check it out first. Continue reading

Buy a Premium WordPress Theme for Your Blog: Reasons

WordPress is among the best blogging platform. The reasons are simple; you could create blog of your choice with ease and using a wide range of themes, which comes for free. You have number of plugins and tools that shapes your blog from better to best. However, when it comes of using free WordPress themes you often encounter number of limitations. Upgrading to premium WordPress themes could liberate you from these limitations thus helping you to embark with quality blog designs, which is simply not possible with the free themes. Continue reading

How-to: Unblock and Download Youtube Videos in Pakistan

YouTube logo

YouTube’s been blocked in Pakistan for about three months now; The government officials say that the ban may be lifted in 2 -3 weeks. Right now, most of the proxy websites are either blocked or not working correctly. Continue reading

How to Test Drive Windows 8 Online

Windows 8

Windows 8 is finally out in the wild now and we’re sure that you want to try it out first before buying it. Well, we’ve got the right solution for you.

By using this method, you would be able to enter Windows 8 simulation right through your browser. That’s all! Well, you might not be able to use all of the features but the overall experience would be much the same. Continue reading

Top 6 Firefox Add-ons for Developers

Mozilla Firefox is evolving as a broadly utilized browser and this is mostly due to its pace, safety and add-on. The add-ons are conceived by developers to assist your know-how about Firefox. There are lots of big add-ons to help the job of website developers and designers and this entails that all labour can be conveyed out in the browser itself encompassing such things as cipher debug and screenshots. Continue reading